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100’000 Views

100’000 Views

Some time last week [Ed: now three weeks- it’s been a busy time for me], someone took the 100’000th view, ever, of Being Brunel. That’s pretty touching, considering, when I started, it would have taken circa 55 years to reach these sorts of statistics. My sole regret is not working out how to arrange fireworks to appear on screen for this decimally significant viewer… maybe next time.

I’ve been meaning to do something special ever since I neared this mark; but having already highlighted the top posts, answered questions and shared my blogging secrets I was a bit stumped on what else to do. So (for once) instead of taking about myself, I thought I’d write about some other people…

Here are the blogs that I read:

The Happy Pontist

I think the Happy Pontist might just be what every engineering blogger wants to be when they grow up. Focusing pretty much exclusively on bridges (well- what did you expect), the Pontist covers everything from design competitions to analytical discussions of crossings spotted on holiday. What makes our happy blogger stand out is that they clearly love bridges, and have the technical knowledge and experience to really back their options; all delivered with a bit of wit that makes even the critiques fun to read.

The Happy Pontist

Building Failures Forum

If you want to learn how something stands up, you have to learn why it falls down. Although it’s not updated as much as I’d like, the Building Failures Forum provides some fasinating articles detailing some of the latest and greatest structural failures, as well as discussing the world of forensic engineering. It also has a fantastic page devoted to ‘weird failures‘ including the dangers badgers pose to retaining walls!

Building Failures Forum

Bill Harvey

If you had to pick the UK’s most prominent engineer on social media, you’d have to choose Bill Harvey. Between consulting, developing the world-famous Archie, and writing technical engineering discussions on his blog; Bill manages to find time to keep up a steady presence. Whenever there’s a technical engineering discussion on twitter, it’s a fair bet that Bill will weigh in with some thoughts of his own; usually in the form of the answer! So if you want daily pictures of leaning structures, engineering discussions and fantastic facts- subscribe to Bill on twitter…

Bill Harvey’s Blog  @BillHarvey2

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  1. N

    I think 100,000 could’ve been me!

  2. Tom links seem to be broken? But google’d them and agree, they’re really good.

    • Ahh yes- there’s a bit of a transitional period while I finish the switch over to this new theme 🙂


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