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The 100th Post

The 100th Post

Bring out the bunting and strike-up the band, because this post marks the 100th published on Being Brunel! For those of you who are good at math, this post is a little late (about three weeks), and the observant of you may have noticed a quickening release schedule as I race to get on track for another special deadline.

To celebrate this momentous occasion, I thought I would do some data churning and identify the top five posts of this first hundred. As an engineer however, I felt obliged to ensure that these statistics were a fair test– so let me introduce you to the Top 5 Posts of Being Brunel, as normalised for publication date and organic audience growth…

Game of Thrones: The Wall

“Magic” is not an accepted engineering method.

Considering that it made it to the front page of Reddit, it comes as no surprised to see this analysis of George R. R. Martin’s The Wall (which was, in turn, inspired by the ironically more structurally sound Hadrian’s Wall) at the top of the list. Although not my favourite fictional assessment, it taught me much more about the engineering properties of ice than I ever needed to know, and every now and again someone will chip in a comment complementing or condemning my structural engineering skills based on this half-hour analysis alone…

Finite Element Tetris

The real stress is when you need that straight…

I’m glad to see that my foray into the world of finite elements has made it this far, especially because (aside from, perhaps, practical experimentation with cake) it probably required the most amount of work. Whilst the two videos of sensible and bouncy Tetris simulations might only add up to a total of 30 seconds screen time, behind them are an endless series of trial and error analyses as I got to grips with the wonderful world of dynamics. My favourite discarded attempt saw the pieces drop straight through each other, and then bounce back as the constraints kicked in; a lesson in explicit time-scales if every I had one.

preDict’ive Text In Word

One day my reports will write themselves.

Despite writing preDict over two years ago (for Office 2003- no less), I still use it. And so, apparently, do a lot of the people who find their way to Being Brunel. If I have a regret, however, it’s that I didn’t package it properly on GitHub, and therefore will never be sure just how many copies of this predictive text add-in for Word there are in the wild. The best I can do is note that around 850 people have clicked-through from this site alone; if only I hadn’t given it away free

Is Civil Engineering Boring?

I mean, who searches for this stuff?

It is truly ironic that this post should be one of my most viewed; especially as my main motivation for writing it was to cast aside the idea that Civil Engineering is, apparently, boring. It turns out, however, that a lot of people (for reasons best left uninvestigated) feel the urge to ask the question. At the very least, I hope, this’ll convince them it’s not. Perhaps, for comparison, I should write a Is Civil Engineering Interesting? one day…

Being A Gay Civil Engineer

I’m happy this one has made the list, it’s definitely one of my more worthwhile posts, and (in light of Lord Browne’s book) seems especially relevant. Since writing it, however, I have had a change of heart about the flippancy, and am currently working on a top secret initiative (well, not that secret) related to the topic. As gay civil engineers are almost starting to top bored civil engineers on my Google search rankings, it’s nice to think that it might be making some difference.

Thanks to all of you who have taken the time to read them, here’s to the next one hundred…

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