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Monthly Archives: September 2013

Finite Element Tetris

September 23, 2013 2

Finite elements software and have some time on your hands? Well, you buckle down to perform some serious geometrically non-linear dynamic imagt analysis… Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you: Finite Element Tetris.Read More

Looking at the Future of Design: Part 1

September 16, 2013 4

So, with little more ado then a quick note (to whit: “fun was had by all”), let’s press on with Part 1 (of 2, I’m not Tolkien) of the IABSE Future of Design 2013: A Brand New Hope. Sadie Morgan (dRMM): Most engineers design in Concrete and Steel; it’s all to easy to forget Timber- perhaps its time we…Read More

Civil Networking

September 9, 2013 1

A quick search online turns up 24 tips of how to have a conversation without the other person hating you; but these “7 Habits of Intolerable People” rub me up so much the wrong way. But why? Taking that I’m heading…Read More

The Visual Guide to the Eurocodes

September 2, 2013 1

The best I can manage is a recommendation: The Visual Guide to the Eurocodes Supporting Documentation. This free (to CIS subscribers) PDF not only lists, but includes weblinks…Read More