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3 More Engineering Blogs

3 More Engineering Blogs

My daily post-spree took a bit of a hit over the weekend as a nice hard bout of tonsillitis followed by a business trip conspired to make blogging a thing of the past. Luckily I’m back, and alive, again so this current ‘daily Brunel dose’ season can resume. I know I’ve done this before, but what better way to get back in the swing of things then pointing you in the way of three more places you can go next time I have to have a KitKat.


I’m always excited when I see another engineer step up to the plate and start blogging. Whether it’s because we’re always too busy, or we’re just shy of our achievements- we never seem to do enough to get the engineering voice heard. John (who I have had the pleasure of meeting once or twice), is a structural engineer working in London, and has taken to sharing editorials, book reviews and some technical articles on his blog. My favourite thus far has been a discussion on our fundamental assumption that we need structural engineers at all!

The Structural Exam Blog

For better or for worse it seems that the one thing you know for sure all engineers are going to do, is get Chartered. Don’t let the name fool you, the Structural Exam blog covers the ICE (civils) exam as well as the IStructE one (no PE for the Americans, though). On the blog they share a good number of different people’s experiences as they did their professional reviews, which is always invaluable for those thinking of entering. The site itself contains a whole variety of useful resources for anyone who’s starting to think about getting chartered, as well as an invaluable forum for those looking to help and be helped!



Frankly, anyone prepared to write an Ode to Statics deserves a place on this list! The author, Jessica, describes herself as a “bridge user, bridge designer and bridge lover”, and is also a structural engineer over in America. Her blog, which unsurprisingly is mostly about bridges, seems to really capture an enthusiastic voice, which makes it a pretty fun read. She’s been quiet for a while, but I’m hoping she’ll pick it up again- however if you’ve never checked it out before, it’s worth reading through (and watching the video!).

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  1. And of course, if anyone fancies a bit of exotica with their seismic movements, so to speak, thankfully there’s always this one to remind you that you do after all have a life:

  2. Tomas

    For anyone with an interest in bridges, I would recommend The Happy Pontist. A prolific blogger who seems to be an insider to the industry, providing their thoughts on various upcoming and constructed bridges throughout the world.