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Being Brunel for a Year

Being Brunel for a Year

Ups and Downs

It’s been an interesting year for Being Brunel, here are just a few dates that stick in the mind…


Who would have thought it?

Certainly not me, that’s for sure, but It turns out I’ve been Being Brunel for a whole year. If I was at work I’d have to buy you all cake and a pint; as it is I’ll just give you a link to this prematurely apt David Bowie song.

Click here to listen to your free song.

When I started Being Brunel, I just wanted to create a civil engineering blog, in a desperate attempt to tip the balance from an internet filled with cat-dairies to one infested with engineering. Although I’ve not quite managed to achieve this dream, I’ve had a lot of fun researching pointless things (the Young’s Modulus of cake comes to mind) and knowing there are people on the internet who will happily submit to my torturous meandering style.

I’ve got some surprises left in me for the next year. If you fancy doing a guest post (no doubt I’ll be doing a few), send me an e-mail; it’d be good to get a few more voices than just mine polluting the interwebs. Also, if you’ve got an engineering blog, I’m more than happy to do some cross-promotion, for the team.

So all that’s left is to thank you all; even the surprisingly critical individuals on Reddit who seemed to feel that doing anything less than a full finite element analysis on a fictitious wall was without point.

Oh, and you can now keep up with Being Brunel on Facebook and Twitter.

Thanks to everyone who’s been reading. – Here’s to another year!

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