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Being Brunel For Three Years

Being Brunel For Three Years

The Third Year

So just what did my thousands of badly spelt words achieve this year? Here’s a few of the highlights:


  • 3rd of November 2014 – The Being Brunel #ILoveCivilEnginering video unexpectedly wins the most creative award
  • 1st of December 2014 – The PE Magazine syndicates my Tallest Snowman post; making me a published author!
  • 3rd of December 2014 – The Construction Marketing Awards 2014 gives Being Brunel the “Highly Commended” position for Best Construction Blog.
  • 20th of January 2015  – After three years of campaigning in one way-shape-or-form, Engineering finally gets a presence on StackExchange.
  • 11th of March 2015  – The NCE finally mentions Being Brunel, after the disappointment all those years ago.
  • 12th of March 2015 – Some lucky person takes the 100’000th view of Being Brunel.
  • 25th of March 2015 – #EngineeringIsArt, my series celebrating the aesthetic of construction, finishes its first year.

Who would ha– OK; I’ve definitely said that before.

I’ve been Being Brunel for three years, today. This is the 157th unwarranted opinion I’ve sent out into the virtual wilderness about my chosen profession.

There’s something oddly disconcerting about the coincidences surrounding three.

Over the three years that I’ve been writing Being Brunel I’ve had three jobs, three bikes and three addresses; got invited with a ‘journalist pass’ to three events, had at least a mention in three different publications, and been shortlisted for three awards; the site’s been on three different servers, three social media platforms and had three different themes.

I’ve never really had a plan for Being Brunel, so it’s hard to say what the fourth year will hold. I do have a top secret schedule of posts, however that is more of a guideline than any indication what I’ll write about from week to week. There’s also a few surprises in the pipeline, including a restyle to look forward to, and a suggestion box for new topics. But by and large I’m happy to keep Being Brunel what it is- the Notes of a Civil Engineer.

All that remains is to thank you all, once again; I have a lot of fun writing Being Brunel, and have been lucky enough to even start bumping into people at events who enjoy my ramblings. It’s good to hear that I’m at least starting to make a difference; even if I’m not sure what it is!

When I made it to my first year, I started a bit of an odd tradition. It’s possible that I’m setting myself up for a fall, as I’m not sure there are five different versions of this song; nevertheless:

Click here to listen to your free song.

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  1. Well done. May you continue to entertain and enlighten us and never move onto the spirit level.

  2. Great achievement Tom and sounds like there’s been plenty of reward along the way.

    In anticipation of the ‘suggestion box’ I challenge you to write a blog about what makes a ‘good’ engineer. Got asked that once by an architect and was quite tricky to answer! My swing at it is here:


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