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Being Brunel for Four Years

Being Brunel for Four Years

Who would ha- wait haven’t I said tha- OK- I’ve even made that joke before!

I‘ve been Being Brunel for four years. The is the 209th time that I’ve shouted out into the void; filling the internet with whatever occurs to me as the last minute deadline approaches.

It’s been enough years now that Being Brunel has a birthday tradition. Actually, it has four. The first is opening with the same terrible joke, the second is a look back at my seven highlights of the year (I know that’s oddly specific), the third is to thank you all (spoiler alert), and the fourth- well, you’ll have to wait to the end of the post for that.

So, let’s take a look back at Bring Brunel (A New Hope):

  • 6th of August 2015 – Being Brunel publishes its first interview with the wonderful people at BaseStone. It’s a two parter- the second half of which is still pending!
  • 20th of August 2015 – I write my first book review since school; learning a lot about the art of designing structures through approximation in the process.
  • 10th  of May 2016 – After an unintentionally long eight and a half month break I nonchalantly return to the keyboard to bring you Being Brunel again.
  • 19th of May 2016 – Being Brunel comes to you live for the very first time from the Construct//Disrupt PropTech event; giving you all a chance to see just how much I rely on the spell checker!
  • 24th of June 2016 – England votes to make the UK Leave the EU. Despite being on a course, I pen my most read article this year; thanking Europe for all the things it contributed to our built environment.
  • 29th of June 2016 – The epic season of daily posts to make up for lost time and bring Being Brunel back up to the promised 52 posts a year comes to an end and I finally get my life back (nearly.)
  • 10th of July 2016 – I win a prize at the AEC Hackathon with the Brunel Test; an idea I blogged about live on a bus on the way to the event. It’ll be coming to fruition soon- so what this space!

It’s been fun, and it’s even better to be back (even if I never really intended to leave). I wouldn’t want to even guess what the fifth year will bring (except 52 posts, they’ll always be 52 damn posts). When I was younger I wanted to be a video game composer, then I did a degree and became a civil engineer- these days I’m something between a proper engineer and a software developer, sharing it all with you through the lens of the built environment. Who knows what’ll be next- not me, that’s for sure.

All that remains is to thank you all for coming back week after week, (or eight-and-a-half-months-followed-by-daily-then-weekly.) Despite hating extended writing, I keep on Being Brunel because it’s fun. Thus far it hasn’t won me a job, international fame or even one of those hats Isambard used to wear. So if it wasn’t for all of you glancing at my ramblings, well, it’d all be for naught.

As is the fourth and final tradition, I’ll leave you with a fourth version of this once absurdly prematurely apt song. These days, however, I’m only another 52 posts away…

Click here for your free song.

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  1. Happy Birthday BB, keep posting as we’re happy to read them !