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Being Brunel for Two Years

Being Brunel for Two Years

The Second Year

So what exactly did happen this year? Well, here are a few of the highlights:


  • 23rd of September 2014 – Playing Tetris with Finite Elements becomes the most viewed post for this year.
  • 1st of January 2014 – The first ever Being Brunel game is released; it took far too much time to write and causes my head to fly off when the wind blows…
  • 25th of March 2014#engineeringisart kicks off; nearly 90 photos later it’s still going strong.
  • 2nd of April 2014 – Being Brunel becomes the name of an unrelated exhibition coming to Bristol- I did point out that I’ve got the name covered…
  • 1st of May 2014 – I get featured in the PE Magazine article about engineers with blogs- shame I can’t share it!
  • 17th of June 2014ICE Bridges becomes the first event to offer me a press pass.
  • 15th of July 2014 – The 100th post– I wonder how many words about engineering I’ve filled the internet with now…

Who would have thought it? – Wait; haven’t I said that before?

It’s August 2014 and I’ve now been Being Brunel for two whole years. A lot has changed since I begun: for a start people now actually read my musings- which is more than can be said for when I started. In fact; Being Brunel even makes it to the front page of Google- which is pretty much the best accolade the internet can give you.

To celebrate the occasion I thought I’d continue the precedence of a prematurely apt David Bowie song- with a twist…

Click here to listen to your free song.

So what about year three? Well i don’t plan to stop any time soon- especially as I’ve now got a rail commute during which I might finally be able to pull out a reliable weekly release schedule: watch this space. I’ll also be continuing the #engineeringisart series I’ve been running across various social media outlets.

As well as the old, I’ve also got a few new ideas I’ve been incubating, which will hopefully come into fruition later this year; focusing on diversity, digital engineering and making it easier for guest posters (who are a fictional species, it seems). As I progress in my development as an engineer, I’ll also be aiming to find some time to write a few more technical articles.

All that’s left, really, is to thank all of you who think this site is worth reading: Being Brunel has always been a personal endeavour, which costs me an unjustifiable amount of time and money to keep up, and is unlikely to turn me into the president of the ICE anytime soon- so if it wasn’t for all you beautiful people, I’d be doing it for nothing.

Thanks to all of you- for another year of Being Brunel!

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  1. Geoffrey Henes

    Well done! I have only found this blog recently but I think it’s safe to say it is one of the more entertaining ways to follow the industry. I hope this blog continues for many more years.

    • Thanks Geoffrey- I’m glad you’ve been enjoying it; hopefully I won’t run out of ideas before the third year!