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This week has been a surprisingly eventful one- and I’m sure later in the year I’ll get around to telling you why.

Needless to say, finding the time to write a full blog post has been a challenge I’ve not quite met; but reluctant to pull two guest posts in a row out of my hat, I thought, instead, I would distract you all with Catastrophe– curtosy of the fantastic Expedition Workshed.

Bridge building games are nothing new- in fact I must have about three on my phone. Perhaps surprisingly, they do have some foundation in civil engineering. I’m not saying that mastery of them will make you a masonic bridge builder; in my experience most engineers seem to do little better at these simulators then the casual observer. They are, however, a intuitive introduction to plane frames, yield capacities and structural equilibrium.

Catastophe takes this one step further- not only does it give you the chance to push and pull the structure; it allows you to take apart some fairly iconic structures, including the Eiffel Tower and the Gherkin.

Click Here and Check Out Catastrophe

If you want an extra challenge- see how many spokes you can take out of the London Eye before it all goes wrong.

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