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Being Brunel for Four Years

July 28, 2016 2

Who would ha- wait haven’t I said tha- OK- I’ve even made that joke before! I’ve been Being Brunel for four years. The is the 209th time that I’ve shouted out into the void; filling the internet with whatever occurs to…Read More

Engineering Culture

July 28, 2016

Engineers are so damn practical; give them a problem and they’ll just get on a solve it. The ultimate pragmatists; it’s not too hard to see why it often takes an external force to change the industry. Forever, (it seems), we’ve…Read More

The End Of A Season

June 29, 2016 4

Those of you who are relatively new to Being Brunel would be forgiven for not knowing that this is a blog this is updates weekly. You might not even be overly clear what it’s about- sure, it says “notes from a…Read More

Cost and Consequence

June 28, 2016 3

About once a month my train to work is delayed. There are signal failures, over running works, unexpected weather; the litany of excuses is endless. Only last week I sat in Waterloo and watched hours of trains get canceled…Read More

The 200th Post

June 26, 2016 4

Turns out I’ve pumped out 200 ill informed opinions into the internet. At 141’176 words Being Brunel had surpassed 20’000 Leagues Under The Sea in length (if not artistic…Read More

A British Engineer’s Apology to Europe

June 24, 2016 5

At the moment, I’m mostly embarrassed. Sure, I’ll be angry, then sad; disappointed and finally resigned to picking up the pieces. But mostly I just can’t believe we did it. Yes- for all of you out there who don’t know; it…Read More

The Gulf Of Disapproval

June 17, 2016

You could say this post literally fell in my lap. You see, I am writing today’s editorial on a Mac for the first ever time. Those of you that know me personally may recall…Read More

Is Construction Agile?

June 16, 2016

In my last post about that buzzword ‘agile’, I introduced you to its history, and the twelve principles that underpin Agile Software Development. I like these tenets; they make it easier to get…Read More

3 More Engineering Blogs

June 15, 2016 3

My daily post-spree took a bit of a hit over the weekend as a nice hard bout of tonsillitis followed by a business trip conspired to make blogging a thing of the past. Luckily I’m back, and alive, again so…Read More

More Engineering Etymology

June 9, 2016

After pointing you all in the direction of 99% Invisible, I was reminded of another Radiotopia show that I regularly listen to- The Allusionist, whose musings on language inspired me to do a second etymological…Read More