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Disrupting Construction: PropTech

Disrupting Construction: PropTech

Tonight is BaseStone’s third installment of Construct//Disrupt; a show and tell of start-up innovations in engineering.

Inspired by the spirit of innovation, I’m going to attempt to blog live about Construct//Disrupt this evening. It might turn out to be the stupidest idea of all time, but I figure why not give it a go. So if you can’t make it, are interested, and think that those subtitles you get on BBC news are pretty riveting; I’ll try and keep it as faithful and free of spelling mistakes as I possibly can.

Don’t worry if you don’t want to spend your evening watching me type badly. After the event I’ll tidy up the live post and update this page.

Well- the event is over, but you can read the fully spell and grammar corrected version here: Innovations in PropTech

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