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Engineering Games: Viaduct Designer

Engineering Games: Viaduct Designer

I’m on holiday this week, and as much as I enjoy polluting the internet with my meandering thoughts; I’m sure you’ll all forgive me for spending more time last-minute packing than meeting blogging deadlines (that’s what we engineers call critical path analysis…).

So, for the second time, let me distract you with a fun engineering game- I mean, online interactive CPD course.

While diligently researching for this article, this unique take on the forever popular bridge building genre caught my eye. In Viaduct Designer you take responsibility for building bridges ahead of a speeding train, to save driver and cargo from depths of oblivion.

Of course, we all know that in real life our train would have already plummeted in a massacre of innocence before we’d even got client approval for the prefeasibility study; but such is life!

Click Here to Play Viaduct Designer

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  1. Krille

    Fun game! Thanks for the reference! 😀