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Engineering Is Art: 200 – 249

Engineering Is Art: 200 – 249
If ten weeks is too long for your next dose, you can get pictures daily by following Being Brunel on Facebook, Google+ and Twitter.

Every weekday I stalk the internet for photographs of engineering (actually, it’s every two weeks, thanks to the wonderful world of scheduling; but let’s not let the truth stand in the way of a good image) to share with you all. The purpose is the result of a long forgotten discussion of whether or not engineering is art- to celebrate the built environment beyond the aesthetics generated by architecture.

This is the fifth gallery to come from the #EngineeringIsArt series. If none of this 50 image collection compacts your concrete; you can always look back on 000 to 049, 050 to 099, 100-149 and 150-199. And finally, here are pictures 200 to 249 in the undeniable proof that engineering is art…

All of the images forming the Engineering Is Art series are Creative Commons licensed; you can find out more about the person who took the photo by following the (Photographer) link on each image caption.

As a non-profit resource itself, Being Brunel employs a lot of Creative Commons material, which you can find out more about on the Attributions page.

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