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#ILoveCivil Engineering

#ILoveCivil Engineering
All you have to do is make a one minute video (or six second vine loop) that showcases exactly why you think civil engineering is so great.

It’s hard to pinpoint the exact moment I realised I had created the best short film in cinematic history. I mean, who among us can truly fathom the genius that lurks within the heart of someone who can make it through an engineering degree? Let us just say that the likes of Kubrick, had he still been alive, would have quaked at my mastery of-

Well, why don’t you see for yourself:

The ICE Video Competition

I’m sure you have a billion questions; of course, it does take ten to twelve viewings before the many subtleties reveal the true meaning behind this motion picture. But for those of you who are wondering why, well- that one’s easy: The ICE are running a competition to make a one minute video (or six second vine; whatever that is) that will trick inspire the next generation into being civil engineers.

All you have to do is make a one minute video (or six second vine loop) that showcases exactly why you think civil engineering is so great, in a way that might just inspire a Sixth Form student into taking it up as a career. Oh, and then you might win an iPad or a GoProCamera; which is not to be sneered at (although, obviously you won’t because of the greatness of my aforementioned entry… </sarcasm>).

If you are more photogenic than myself, you can simply pull out your phone like Melanie Ogden and talk with passion. If, like me, your media talent is somewhat lacking, there are an infinite number of online animation creators that you can fall back on to make something like Jamie Radford (- who is also more photogenic then myself). For more ideas you can check out #ILoveCivilEngineering on Twitter.

Find out more about #ILoveCivilEngineering

Look at it this way, it can’t possibly be as embarrassing as my attempt…

Bonus Features

Despite the pontification at the start of this post on the wonders of my directorship, I think it’s safe to say that my video won’t be seeing an international special-edition release any time soon. Which is a bit of a shame, because as well as the opportunity for a rambling commentary, the world won’t be able to see my truly tragic mock-up. Luckily, however, it doesn’t cost anything to share it on YouTube:

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