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I won* the #ILoveCivilEngineering competition! I’m a bit late reporting on this, but in my defence I had been waiting for a go-ahead that never came. (*) I also didn’t win precisely, my python-esq entry got the creativity accolade, which won me a go-pro camera; something I’ve yet to find a dynamic engineering use for- suggestions on a postcard, if you will. I also won this super cool t-shirt:

tom t-shirt

But this article isn’t just to stroke my already self-perpetuating ego. No; it’s to draw your attention to what happened next [ed. albeit three months late]. You see- they pooled all of the entries together to making a series of three coherent(-ish) reasons why people love civil engineering. And whilst they had a little trouble getting too much out of mine [ed. if I had known I would have come up with some less embarrassing sound bites]; they’re still pretty good.

So grab some popcorn, sit back, fetch a couple of teenagers to sit behind you and loudly discuss their day, and enjoy the true civil engineering cinematic experience…

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  1. Put your gopro on your hard hat. Then during that next site visit you will have a full record of what was agreed and what you saw. Even better wear your hardhat to your next design team meeting,

    • I like it. Although I suspect that’ll mean that everyone just becomes really careful about what they say 🙂

  2. Sekhar

    First of all I would like to thanks for such a great Post. Some of the most interesting jobs in engineering are in the area of civil engineering. It also makes for a good salary where I’m from!