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Let’s Get Chartered

Let’s Get Chartered

With the new year, must come new resolutions; to replace the old resolutions that remain dusty and unfulfilled in the guilty corners of our minds. And although I, of course, have a million and one personal things to achieve this year- from getting that Charles Atlas figure I’ve promised myself for the last 27, or so, years, to finally scoring more than an assist in my low profile ice hockey career; I have managed to fit a few professional aims in too.

I’m going to stop messing about and get chartered…

Ironically this is a resolution I’ve failed before I begin- even if I start now (and I will) I won’t realistically be able to get chartered until the start of 2016. But that’s OK, because my main aim for getting chartered is so that I can rid myself of the nagging feeling that I ought to get chartered; which I expect sits at the back of every engineer’s mind. In fact, a lot of the engineers I have respect for are either not chartered, or never really made it a priority; but it is just one of those things you’ve got to go and do, it seems.

Interestingly I’ve already managed the typical five years of experience; and if I’d stuck on my initial trajectory I expect I’d at least be sitting the exam this year. But I took the chance to meander around the profession a bit, to get a feel for what I could do and where I wanted to end up; something I would recommend to anyone. As such, I’m a little late to the party; but then, with the five year course and year out- I was never going to be one of those high flying kids who get chartered before the age of 5.

I don’t expect this latest aim to make much of a difference to Being Brunel; although it does mean that until the end of January the posts will be a bit more frequent as I attempt to catch up with the designated 52 posts a year and give myself a little buffer time in which to finish writing back-dated quarterly reports… Although there might be a bit more focus on traditional chartership topics, such as contracts and management- hopefully today’s will remain the dullest post to come out of this year’s resolution!

At least after all this I’ll be able to do the obligatory “this is what it’s like to get chartered” post!

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  1. “Chartering” is how professionals enforce their social monopolies to increase their incomes without having to appear like grasping trade unionists.

    • I’m not sure that’s a view I’ll put forward to the reviewers…

      • Joel

        LOL, which route are you taking for get chartered?


  1. […] about the review process and any tips/tricks that would be useful. Knowing that there are probably plenty of engineers out there that would benefit from the same information, I decided to share my experience with you […]