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New Years Resolutions

New Years Resolutions

With every new year comes the same old resolutions; becoming intolerably healthy, advancing to the position of a god amongst men and, typically, never drinking again.

Not wishing to highlight which of these clichés I’ve picked to fail at by the end of the month; I thought I’d discuss my Civil Engineering resolves, (may they be achieved by the end of 2013).

To make life more exciting, however, I’ve decided to title my five resolutions with butchered film names and tag-lines; can you guess them all?

Dr BIM-Love

I haven’t actually worked on a BIM project, proper, however I’ve remained severely sceptical of all the propaganda I’ve been subjected to about the ‘future of engineering‘ that is soon to be forced upon us.

This year I hope that by finally articulating my all-out distrust, I might find a way to stop worrying and learn to love the BIM.

Back to the Framework

I hate Excel. I use it everyday, mostly for things it’s not designed for; like calculations, tables, data-mining and being operated by engineers. At the start of 2012 I started at project to build a ‘simple to use’ framework to write engineering calculations. Unfortunately I ended up getting side-tracked setting up Being Brunel and posing for photos (for the NCE- not just for pleasure).

This year I aim to get it up and running: Where we’re going we don’t need Excel.

My Neighbour Google’o

I might have instigated my own ‘Starbucks Fridays’ and managed more site visits than you’d expect from a consultant- but the fact is that engineering firms aren’t doing anything like other industries for attracting talent. Sometimes its hard not to feel like a Virgin Media consumer reading through the latest ‘new-joiner’ offers; when will there be a Googleplex for Civil Engineering?

This year I’m not aiming for a Castle in the Sky; just a few changes to show people it’s a worth-while industry to get into.

Hitchhikers Guide to the Eurocodes

I’ve spent most of this year with a vague hope (every time I find myself elbow deep in approved documents) that they’ll be an e-mail sent round explaining that the Eurocodes were all part of a terrible joke and we’re back on British Standards.

This year, however, I’m willing to give up this dream and instead work whole-heartedly on understanding life, the Eurocodes and Everything- expect some guides to start appearing on Being Brunel.

Did you make any engineering related New Years Resolutions; why not share them in a comment?

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  1. Cool. Can you stick in that list, start a new blog with some other engineering bloggers? 😉

  2. Angelos

    How is this excel replacement framework going to work? I am quite happy with excel, even tempted to learn a bit of VBA, Have you used TEDDS for Word before?

    • It’s not a replacement for excel, just something to do hand-calculations written by someone who routinely does hand-calcs- something with a notion of reference clauses, sketches, highlighted assumptions, unit-aware, with equation rendering and re-use; and just something that’s designed for the job.
      Unfortunately I don’t have access to TEDDS, which I imagine does most of this; but has the downside of being expensive!

  3. Angelos

    Ok sounds good!


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