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Perils of Working on a Construction Site

Perils of Working on a Construction Site

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Alan Murfee

  • Alan Murfee is a blogger in the industrial sector with a healthy (and safe) interest in Personal Protective Equipment, especially for welding.
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Construction sites are busy places, which are fraught with some of the most perilous risks. Construction work is one of the most dangerous land-based works that involves risks of different types. These busy construction sites are potentially hazardous and accident-prone.

Construction sites pose risks not just to the construction workers, but also to other workers working there. It is imperative to be well acquainted with these risks in construction sites, so that you can prevent them.

It is better to hire trained and experienced individuals for carrying out complex industrial processes.

So what are the common causes of construction site hazards?

Construction work is known to be fraught with a large number of risks and dangers. There can be many causes of construction site hazards, which include diseases and accidents. Some common causes of hazards in construction sites include:

  • Defective equipment
  • Inexperience and negligence of workers
  • Disregard for safety rules
  • Falling objects that have been stationed above

Maintenance of a safe working environment in these construction sites is extremely important. Safety helps in enhancing the overall well-being of workers, and work productivity in these worksites. Here’s a look at some of the common perils of working on a construction site.


Most of the times, workers working within these construction sites end up exerting themselves far too much while working. This exertion is caused by lifting heavy equipment, facing direct sunlight for prolonged period and by overworking yourself.  This kind of exertion can be dealt with through proper attention and care. You would need to limit yourself, and those you are responsible for, from overworking.


Almost one-third of all construction site fatalities are caused by to falls. Inappropriately erected scaffolds, unguarded steel bars, open sides or floor holes usually lead to these falls. You can prevent such falls by taking proper care of equipment used, and inspecting scaffolds on a regular basis. Providing your workers with the necessary fall protection can also help in safeguarding you, and other construction workers.

Excavation or trenching injuries

These are some of the most grave injuries that most construction workers are susceptible to. The most common cause of these injuries are cave-ins, and the risk of death in these cases is always higher. Make it a point to inspect frequently and pay proper attention to avoid these accidents.

Electrocution and chemical injuries

There are many power lines and chemicals all around the construction sites. These can always lead to incidents of electrocution and chemical injuries. Sometimes even inhalation can harm operatives.

Fire and burns

Construction work usually deals with chemicals and complex machines. Faulty equipment and chemical reactions can trigger fire or explosions. Welding processes can also lead to burns or fire incidents.

In order to prevent these incidents, make it a point to exercise proper construction safety rules, making sure that all these safety rules are strictly followed and implemented. Proper implementation of these rules can always mitigate the risks of these injuries and problems.

It is better to hire trained and experienced individuals for carrying out complex industrial processes. Make sure all workers possess the requisite personal protective equipment. Work towards creating a safe working environment by taking the necessary steps to avoid hazards.

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