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Photographic Engineering

Photographic Engineering

Last week someone shared the following notion with me: Architects do the pretty things, Engineers do the ugly details. Begging to differ I then spent an instructive lunch hour digging through Flickr to find some truly beautiful images of Civil Engineering works (Norman Foster eat your cold steel-and-glass heart out).

I ended up finding some amazing photos, but if you’ve got some great Civil Engineering shots that you’d like to share- drop me a line!

Here are the top five photos I found, which would make a pretty good desktop wallpaper for any engineer (click the photos for a link to full sized versions).

Bilfinger Construction – Gotthard Base Tunnel

Bilfinger - Construction - Gotthard Base Tunnel

Cranes in the sky!

The roof mounted plant in this photo from engineering firm Bilfinger really adds a bit of awe to the not-at-all boring (sorry) world of tunnelling.

On The Inside The Rigs Still Pile

on the inside the rigs still pile

Rainbow piling rigs…

This photo by Jes (mugley) makes piling in Australia look more picturesque then any wooden Pringles you dare to name.

Retained Façade

Retained facade

Retained Culture

You might have to turn your monitor on it’s side, but I couldn’t leave out this amazing photo by Rev Stan (possibly not her actual name; sometimes it’s hard to tell on Flickr) of a retained façade; which always makes an impressive piece of temporary works.



Reinforced Art

Where would we be without reinforcement? This photo, by Daniel Brock (brockamer), is a simple homage to the high strength ductile steel members that stolidly take all the tension (sorry -again) out of concrete design.

Dismantling the Memorial Bridge Lift

Dismantling the Memorial Bridge Lift

We’re on the bridge to no where!

I’m still not entirely sure about everything that’s happening in this brilliant photo by Matt (theothermattm), but any shot of a bridge on a boat has got to be worth sharing.

Ed: Matt actually got hold of me to explain; it’s the old Memorial Bridge that used to link Portsmouth, New Hampshire to Kittery, Maine. This photo captured the lift-ship-dismantel demolition of the mid-span.

A lot of the photos and fonts I use for Being Brunel are Creative Commons artistry. If you want to find out more about the people who have crafted and shared these fantastic resources check out the Attributions page.

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