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postBox: Outlook for Engineers

postBox: Outlook for Engineers

Another short post today: It’s week two of having no internet at home and I’m beginning to shake from withdrawal. Anyhow, enough of my house-moving ordeals…

Introducing postBox, a couple (literally) of time savers for Outlook. I wrote them both in anger, having wasted hours (in total) of my life seemingly repeating these ardours tasks. So if you, too, would like to forward on scanned attachments like a ninja, or become the life of the party with your blazing internal network links, then postBox is just for you.

Download postBox

Beautiful Scanner Attachments

Scan Attach moves and renames a file sent from a scanner to a new e-mail- useful for winning the heart of that co-worker, and wowing clients with professional scanning attachments.

To use it you must have selected the e-mail from the scanner (with the pdf attachment) in the Outlook Explorer (main) window. In the New Message composer clicking scan attach will prompt you for a filename. The file will then be copied from the scanner e-mail, renamed as instructed, and attached to the new message you’re composing.

Lightning Internal Links

Where every second counts: Quick link automatically creates a link from the highlighted text- useful for providing links to files on shared networks, which Outlook does not do automatically. Just highlight the filepath (e.g. S:\shared_file.jpg), press the ‘Quick Link’ button and watch as your boss breaks down in grateful tears at your profit making efficiency.


Currently only Outlook 2010 is supported, however it is likely to be at least partially compatible with older/newer versions.

Unfortunately Microsoft prevents Outlook Macros from easily being shared between systems, you’ll therefore need to follow this fairly convoluted route to get it working:

  • From the main Outlook Explorer window click ‘New E-mail’
  • From the New Message Window right click on the ribbon, select ‘Customize the Ribbon’
  • Hit the ‘Import/Export’ button on the bottom-right ‘Customizations’ area, which will open the Outlook Options window
  • Select ‘Import customization file’ from drop down
  • In the File Open dialog Browse to ‘postBox.exportedUI’ and click ‘Open’
  • Opt to replace all customizations by clicking ‘Yes’ when prompted
  • Press ‘OK’ to close the Outlook Options window
  • You should now have to new buttons on the ribbon in the ‘postBox’ group

Download postBox

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