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Your Questions Answered

Your Questions Answered

One of the fun things about keeping a blog is that I get statistics about my readership. Alongside the somewhat expected visitor count, the wonderful way the internet works means that I also get to learn which countries people coming to my blog are form, and some of the sites that directed them to it. It’s a sort of feedback; to make it seem a little less like I’m pouring words into a black hole…

Up until fairly recently sites also got data from the likes of Google about what their visitors were searching for when they found them. This was a personal favourite of mine, and while I understand why the practice is being discontinued, it’s a shame to loose the steady stream of random keywords and questions that led people to Being Brunel.

So, as a send off, I thought I’d just go ahead and answer some of my favourites, for prosperity, and the like.

Do Civil Engineers Actually Help Build?

Metaphorically. They do not, for example, literally lay bricks or weld beams; but they determine what gets built and manage the process of making it so.

Why I Want To Be A Civil Engineer?

One of the best reasons to become a civil engineer is that you’re enthusiastic about designing and constructing the built environment. Having to ask Google for affirmation is not a good sign…

Michael Scofield?

Is a fictional character from the television show Prison Break. Ironically, because of the show’s popularity, and the lack of ours, he’s probably the most famous structural engineer of our time. Incidentally the actor that plays him is gay; potentially making him the only person in the world to know what it’s like being a gay guy pretending to be a civil engineer!

How To Build A Pedestrian Bridge?

Please do not use Google in lieu of a professional engineering firm…

How Much Do Civil Engineers Earn Per Week?

Apparently the average civil engineer earns just shy of £1000 a week. As a graduate, however, I think you should set your sights a little closer to £400-500 a week. I should probably add that I don’t know any engineers who literally get paid on a weekly basis.

Best Civil Engineering Movie?

Possible the only movie that is entirely about civil engineering is Locke.

Can Just Anyone Be A Civil Engineer?

Err… I mean, there’s no reason why just anyone couldn’t become a civil engineer- it’s not like being a fighter pilot, but you have to get some qualifications first. As a profession it’s traditionally been very academically founded with a degree in engineering being the primary route- but apprenticeships are appearing.

How Depressing Is Being A Civil Engineer?

Rate of depression is an unusual, but refreshing, approach to selecting an ideal job. I would say civil engineers have a relatively high level of job satisfaction due to the self-selection process; the skill set and pay of an engineer means that you do it because you like it, and can find a different job if you don’t.

Engineering Day Posters?

It seems that a (typically) sardonic image I made to head a post about having an engineering day is now drawing (pun, fully, intended) people to the site. So I’ll cap off today’s post by yielding to public opinion:

Free National Engineering Day Poster

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