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Stack Exchange for Civil Engineers

Stack Exchange for Civil Engineers

Let’s hope this plea for participation goes better than last time!

I expect about half of the people who read my blog probably don’t know what Stack Exchange is; so it’s probably best to start at the beginning.

Stack Exchange is a collection of Question and Answer sites with 91 subjects (at present) ranging from Photography to Role Playing Games. From it’s origins as a programming haven the idea has grown: with just under 2.5 million users asking almost 5 million questions and getting something close to 10 million answers.

So, if you think you could ask or answer some questions about Civil Engineering- why not sign up and join the fun?

I actually did my dissertation on applying open source principles to engineering consultancy- and the Stack Exchange model has almost everything you need to be successful. It runs a solid rewards and reputations scheme that allows you to quickly see if someone asks good questions, and, perhaps more importantly, give good answers.

Just to top it all off, there are achievements– which become somewhat addictive over time: it’s even tricked me into expending enough time to hit the top 12%, and all for a good-enough cause.

So what’s missing- well Civil Engineering! – Although they do have ones for beer and lego, which some might argue covers most of it.

The people at Stack Exchange are smart, however, and to get one up and running you need to get 50 people to both follow and start participating: that way you don’t start dead in the water. That means it’s not just about getting the numbers up, so I imagine this won’t be the last time I mention this proposal.

So, if you think you could ask or answer some questions about Civil Engineering- why not sign up and join the fun?

Support the Civil Engineering Stack Exchange

Then ‘follow’ the proposal, and maybe even ask a question or provide an answer if you really want to help out…

If you’re not a Civil Engineer, I’m sure you’ll find enough on Stack Exchange to keep you busy until next week!

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  1. similar to stack exchange for civil engineers. is
    your suggestions are welcome.

  2. Stephen

    Good job, unfortunately I found this site too late 🙁 , I wish more Civil engineers knew about this wonderful website


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