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Starting Out With Being Brunel

Starting Out With Being Brunel

As I’m sure some of you have sussed, the article that should have been here on Monday this week is taking considerably longer than usual. Reluctant as I am to skip a week or rush it through; I’ve, instead, been inspired by those lazy television writers and thought I’d do the narcissistic blogger equivalent of a ‘clip’ show.

So if you haven’t been following Being Brunel since 2012, why not check out…

The Best Posts of Being Brunel 2012

Failing the Factor of Safety

Investigating just how far you can push a structure before the factor of safety runs out; including penguins, motorcycles and cake.

What do Engineers Actually Do

The question of what Civil Engineers actually do is finally answered, with a blow by blow breakdown of my activities these last two months- and, of course, a pie chart!

Five Ways to Annoy Contractors

Here are the five, of the many, deadly sins that consultants often commit that cause contractors to die a little inside (so I’m told)…

Civil Engineers and the Death Star

Notes from a Civil Engineer about the improbability of the Death Star, and how gravity is a problem, even for giant planetary space ships.

Santa Loading: Code of Practice

A Christmas Special: Accepted Code of Practice providing rules and guidance for both new, and existing, structures to supporting Santa Loading.

You might also want to have a look at my Excel extension, EngCel, which makes writing sub/super- script and symbols a look, or have a go with preDict: My predictive text for Word add-in.

Being Brunel is updated every Monday (yes, I appreciate the irony of that statement), but you can keep in contact by following my on Twitter or Facebook– I promise next week won’t filler.

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  1. […] this week’s post has taken a lot of time and research to write; so much so that it ended up coming out a week late. The place of engineers and their responsibility towards Human Rights, however, is a complex and, […]