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Structural Diagrams Online

Structural Diagrams Online

This week I’ve been having some fun prototyping a way of saving the world from having to pull out the Structural/Steel Designer’s Handbook every time they’re faced with something too easy to model, but more complex than WL/8.

Allow me to introduce the wonderful world of ‘SimplySupported‘. This little widget knows how to render beam diagrams and write out the static formulae for a library of known structural solutions. Unlike those collections of bending moment diagrams at the back of your structural handbook, however, SimplySupported also throws in the ability to calculate the reactions, moments and displacements for your own specified parameters.

As with all good prototypes, the main thing I learned whilst writing it was that I should have done it differently. This current (alpha) version has a good few demo structures in it, but not the whole handbook; and if anyone wants to have some fun extending the library- it’s fairly intuitive and almost well documented. Just remember to respect the GPL- if you make changes, you share them!

I can see you’re excited, so why not have some fun:

“Well Tom– you’ve been doing a lot with JavaScript recently; I’m beginning to suspect you’re up to something…” All I can say at the moment is: suspect away- although long time readers (if it turns out I have any) might be able to guess my evil plot. Expect great things to come (if you are a fan a disappointment).

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