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Birthday Archives - Being Brunel

Being Brunel for Four Years

July 28, 2016 2

Who would ha- wait haven’t I said tha- OK- I’ve even made that joke before! I’ve been Being Brunel for four years. The is the 209th time that I’ve shouted out into the void; filling the internet with whatever occurs to…Read More

Being Brunel For Three Years

July 30, 2015 3

I’ve been Being Brunel for three years, today. This is the 157th unwarranted opinion I’ve sent out into the virtual wilderness about my chosen profession. There’s something oddly disconcerting about the coincidences…Read More

Being Brunel for Two Years

August 4, 2014 2

Who would have thought it? – Wait; haven’t I said that before? It’s August 2014 and I’ve now been Being Brunel for two whole years. A lot has changed since I begun: for a start people now actually read…Read More

Being Brunel for a Year

July 29, 2013

It turns out I’ve been Being Brunel for a whole year. If I was at work I’d have to buy you all cake and a pint; as it is I’ll just give you a link to this prematurely apt David Bowie song. When I started Being Brunel, I just…Read More