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Sketching For Engineers

June 8, 2016 1

Sketching is an amazing thing. It’s a great way of communicating an idea to someone, rapidly discovering solutions and testing a design for buildability. It’s an underrated skill in the engineering toolbox, and one that is sadly finding itself…Read More

Art and Approximation: A Review

August 20, 2015 3

“It’s better to be roughly right than precisely wrong”

Attributed to John Maynard Keynes (an economist), few quotes so accurately reflect my experience in design. Throughout my career I’ve become increasingly technical- I even…Read More

Structural Diagrams Online

January 19, 2014

Allow me to introduce the wonderful world of ‘SimplySupported‘. This little widget knows how to render beam diagrams and write out the static formulae for a library of known structural…Read More

The Visual Guide to the Eurocodes

September 2, 2013 1

The best I can manage is a recommendation: The Visual Guide to the Eurocodes Supporting Documentation. This free (to CIS subscribers) PDF not only lists, but includes weblinks…Read More

5 Books on Every Engineer’s Desk

June 24, 2013 12

Engineers like books. Having your own private desk-library is a given for any consultant; usually stocked with tomes artificially thickened with the detritus of cryptic post-it notes, and folded-in print-outs. Despite their…Read More