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Maths In The Head

July 13, 2014 1

It turns out there is one thing that everyone knows about engineers: We Do Maths. I’ve lost count of the amount of times friends have simply deferred any arthritic to my good-self because “you’re an…Read More

Fermi Estimates Preliminary Design

February 23, 2014 4

Enrico Fermi was a physicist who was renowned for making good approximations with no actual data, and a Fermi estimate is a method for making a ball-park guess that might actually be right…Read More

Structural Diagrams Online

January 19, 2014

Allow me to introduce the wonderful world of ‘SimplySupported‘. This little widget knows how to render beam diagrams and write out the static formulae for a library of known structural…Read More

Flooding the Return Period

January 9, 2014 5

What does finding someone who shares your birthday, and a 1:100 storm have in common? They both happen more often than you’d expect. In fact, once there are 23 people in a room, you’ve got…Read More

Parametric Design

October 14, 2013 4

After a weekend of prototyping (lit. creating an application from libraries and scripts loosely held together by hope and gaffa tape), this is the beginnings of my contribution to parametric design. “Woah” I hear you cry; “an application that draws…Read More

5 Books on Every Engineer’s Desk

June 24, 2013 12

Engineers like books. Having your own private desk-library is a given for any consultant; usually stocked with tomes artificially thickened with the detritus of cryptic post-it notes, and folded-in print-outs. Despite their…Read More

Fundamentals: Plane Stress and Strain

May 20, 2013 1

What do Daniel Shenton and Civil Engineers have in common? They both believe that the world is flat. In the case of Mr Shenton, it’s because he’s belligerently antiquated; but for engineers it’s because working in two…Read More

Engineering Fundamentals: Equilibrium

April 15, 2013 3

Before Newton invented equilibrium in 1686, the world remained in check because of Aristotle’s assertion that everything has its natural place. That is: rocks like to be on the ground, and therefore they fall, unless propelled…Read More

EngCel: Colours, Names and More

March 28, 2013 2

EngCel is a free add-in for Excel that I write and maintain. At its core EngCel it’s an easy-to-use in-line syntax for super-script, sub-script, Greek and mathematical characters. This week I thought I’d update you all on…Read More

Even More Track Structure Interaction

March 21, 2013 4

Since the 1950s we’ve been using continuously welded rail in the UK, and with the introduction of the Eurocode we’re finally being made to consider the effect this has on our structures. If you want a reminder take…Read More