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Cost and Consequence

June 28, 2016 3

About once a month my train to work is delayed. There are signal failures, over running works, unexpected weather; the litany of excuses is endless. Only last week I sat in Waterloo and watched hours of trains get canceled…Read More

An Evening With BaseStone

August 6, 2015

We’ve all been there; it’s practically a rite of passage for a growing engineer- that arch needs inspecting, that detail needs checking, the designer has (as usual) asked you to do something impossible…Read More

IKEA On Prefabrication

May 21, 2015 1

My better half and I have just brought a house. And like most couples, it seems, decided to test our relationship by spending seven hours in those circles of hell known as IKEA. As this is a blog about engineering, I won’t dwell…Read More

An Engineering Portfolio

January 16, 2015

As someone who is forever saying we should do more to share our work with the public; I was a little embarrassed to realise that the idea of a portfolio had never crossed my mind. It’s a simple thing; and so much…Read More

Saving Brunel’s Other Bridge

January 5, 2015

Did you know that most important Brunel (of Being Brunel fame) bridge in Bristol lays abandoned; rotting away along the side of a canal? Although he wasn’t born there- they city owes a lot of his engineering efforts, and…Read More

Building A Wind Farm

December 26, 2014

The beauty of a completed wind farm, with its streamlined turbines standing tall and proud, often belies the challenges and delicate balancing act involved in ensuring the design and construction runs…Read More

Warm Offices – Cold Sites

November 6, 2014

Civil Engineering? Ah. Yes. Well. I suppose it is great fun, and brings in a living for all those structural and civil engineers who dream the projects up while they are sat in their nice warm offices. But what about us poor guys…Read More

Budding Brunels

June 3, 2014 1

Budding Brunels is a schools engagement programme run by the Construction Youth Trust charity aimed at informing and inspiring young people from…Read More

Perils of Working on a Construction Site

June 17, 2013

Construction sites are busy places, which are fraught with some of the most perilous risks. Construction work is one of the most dangerous land-based works that involves risks of different types. These busy construction…Read More