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Profit Margins in Engineering

May 18, 2016 2

I was at a cross discipline quiz night a last week. At the very start the host attempted to unify the crowd by talking through his career and explaining how he’d worked in each of the diverse fields represented. When he got to construction he…Read More


March 12, 2015

A while ago I wrote a post about being a gay civil engineer. Like most of the stuff I write, I didn’t really expect anything to come of it; Being Brunel is a site I maintain to celebrate and have fun with civil…Read More

Why Do We Hate The Garden Bridge?

January 13, 2015 9

For those of you who don’t live London adjacent; the capital is remarkably close to getting its very own Garden Bridge- which is exactly what is sounds like: A tiny garden on a strip of artificial land straddling…Read More

Being A Gay Civil Engineer

March 18, 2014 4

It’s alright, being a gay civil engineer. In fact, it’s largely a non-issue, with the focus very much on competence and ability in an industry where getting things done is always a priority. Do expect a bit of banter, especially…Read More

Humanitarian Engineering With RedR

February 6, 2014 1

With Wear Red for RedR day tomorrow, I thought it would be especially apt to invite RedR back for another Being Brunel guest post. This time they obliged by sharing a full interview with one…Read More

AECOM, Exploitation and Qatar

November 18, 2013 5

In a report released yesterday Amnesty International describe the construction industry in Qatar as one where “migrant workers are being ruthlessly exploited, deprived of their pay and left struggling to survive.” Knowing the…Read More

Sochi, Ethics, Rights, and Engineering

October 28, 2013 6

There’s been a lot in the news this week about international Human Rights, with the UN formally criticising China over its Human Rights record, and the Sochi Winter Olympics beginning to compare unfavourably to the 1936…Read More