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Rebuilding Civilisation

August 26, 2013 1

It’s 2016 and in a battle for ratings against Britain-Has-Strictly-Factored-Dancing-Talent, Big Brother XV has brought about a chain of events that has left the world in ruin. The populous has been decimated and our cities, towns, and even quaint…Read More

Game of Thrones: Engineering The Wall

June 10, 2013 18

I thought I’d take a look at one of the most impressive structures in the whole of the Seven Kingdoms (spoiler free, of course). Forget the gilded fortifications of Kings Landing, or the castle of Winterfell- I’m…Read More

5 Most Charming James Bond Gadgets

May 27, 2013 1

In celebration of a demi-century of Bond, here are some of the wonderful gadgets cooked up by engineering mastermind Q. Some of them are ridiculous. All of them are either an engineer’s dream… or nightmare. Some…Read More

Civil Engineers on Film

May 13, 2013 9

Where are the highly dramatized TV shows about the day-to-day lives of Civil Engineers, and when was the last time a Civil Engineer saved the world from a prime-time intergalactic threat? This weeks blog post pays…Read More

SimCity Survival: Engineering GodZilla

April 8, 2013 2

it would only be a matter of time before the mayor of any city unlucky enough to have me as their deity proclaims that all structures be giant lizard proof. And who better to provide guidance than their civil engineers. I…Read More

Civil Engineers and the Death Star

November 8, 2012 7

It turns out that there is a lot of things wrong with Death Star, from its implausible garbage shoot, gaping chasms inside rooms, and preposterously high energy weaponry. As a Civil Engineer, however, what nags me the most is…Read More