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ICE Bridges 2014: A Preview

May 2, 2014 1

There’s just over a month to go until the ICE Bridges 2014 “Engineering the Future” conference. I think it goes without saying that few people are better placed than the…Read More

Being A Gay Civil Engineer

March 18, 2014 4

It’s alright, being a gay civil engineer. In fact, it’s largely a non-issue, with the focus very much on competence and ability in an industry where getting things done is always a priority. Do expect a bit of banter, especially…Read More

AECOM, Exploitation and Qatar

November 18, 2013 5

In a report released yesterday Amnesty International describe the construction industry in Qatar as one where “migrant workers are being ruthlessly exploited, deprived of their pay and left struggling to survive.” Knowing the…Read More

Civil Engineers Aren’t Paid Enough

November 11, 2013 7

This week I thought I’d give my writing hand a rest and take an Infographic look at the ICE’s Salary Survey. Needless to say: Civil Engineers aren’t paid enough!Read More

Sochi, Ethics, Rights, and Engineering

October 28, 2013 6

There’s been a lot in the news this week about international Human Rights, with the UN formally criticising China over its Human Rights record, and the Sochi Winter Olympics beginning to compare unfavourably to the 1936…Read More

Game of Thrones: Engineering The Wall

June 10, 2013 18

I thought I’d take a look at one of the most impressive structures in the whole of the Seven Kingdoms (spoiler free, of course). Forget the gilded fortifications of Kings Landing, or the castle of Winterfell- I’m…Read More