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Python For Engineers: Part 1

May 21, 2016 4

I don’t want to hazard a guess how many times I’ve complained about the terrible misuse of Excel that I often witness atthe hands of over zealous engineers. However, last time I did this someone kindly pointed out that…Read More

Web APIs: An Engineering Introduction

May 17, 2016 1

I’m sure I don’t have to tell you that the internet is awesome. Or indeed that it’s everywhere. But its ubiquitousness might surprise you. Many devices and applications talk…Read More

AEC Hackathon: Engineers Wanted

May 11, 2016 4

Something fun is happening this July. The ACE Hackathon is making a return trip to London! Having somehow missed the last visit of this international event, I’m determined to go…Read More

Programming Civil Engineers

January 30, 2014 9

The world of engineering has been becoming progressively more digital; with monstrosities such as ProjectWise entering the common vernacular (verb. to make someone else’s document control…Read More

Structural Diagrams Online

January 19, 2014

Allow me to introduce the wonderful world of ‘SimplySupported‘. This little widget knows how to render beam diagrams and write out the static formulae for a library of known structural…Read More

Behind the Scenes of the Brunel Tree

January 2, 2014

That’s right, this post will finally answer that burning query: “But how did you make that wonderful parametric Christmas Tree designer, truly, Tom, you are a God amongst men and should become president…Read More

Finite Element Tetris

September 23, 2013 2

Finite elements software and have some time on your hands? Well, you buckle down to perform some serious geometrically non-linear dynamic imagt analysis… Ladies and Gentlemen, may I present to you: Finite Element Tetris.Read More

postBox: Outlook for Engineers

August 19, 2013 1

Introducing postBox, a couple (literally) of time savers for Outlook. I wrote them both in anger, having waster hours (in total) of my life seemingly…Read More

The LUSAS Scripting Pack

January 10, 2013 1

The LSP (LUSAS Scripting Pack, for those with more time than acronyms) is the result of two years playing with the LPI, in an attempt to enhance the experience. As the LSP is formed of over 35 scripts, some of which…Read More

preDict’ive Text in Word

November 22, 2012 47

One of my chief criticisms of winword (as it was once known) is that I have to do all the typing. I know what you’re thinking: “Tom- that’s a little unfair, you can’t expect it to know what you’re thinking.” But it’s not. The…Read More