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The End Of A Season

The End Of A Season

Those of you who are relatively new to Being Brunel would be forgiven for not knowing that this is a blog this is updates weekly. You might not even be overly clear what it’s about- sure, it says “notes from a civil engineer” somewhere in the tag line; but there’s posts here about building web applications and specifications for the Death Star. So what’s the deal?

I had one rule when I set out to write Being Brunel. That I would write a post every week. However, I knew myself, my work load, and my commitments, and so what I actually signed up to was 52 posts a year. This last month-and-a-half dash has been making up for lost time. However, I have a life and a job and other projects, and so now I’ve caught up we’ll be returning to the traditional weekly Thursday schedule. It’ll also give me a chance to go back and update the 180 articles for the new site layout!

To quote my very first post– “this will be a blog about bridges, and tunnels, and roads, and stuff.” Like me, however, Being Brunel is evolving. When I started writing I was a pure civil engineer- working on the rails; over the last four years I have experienced the heady world of structural engineering tall buildings, taken a deep dive on analysis and am now working in another engineering discipline entirely thanks to my software development skills.

Being Brunel is my love affair with the built environment. It’s always going to be about bridges, and tunnels, and roads, and stuff; about civil engineering and the world we build around us. My fairly random career trajectory means that the lessons I’m learning and the experiences I’m being exposed to aren’t always about our infrastructure. However my aim is to extract those lessons that I’m learning and help provide insights as to how the can be applied back to the civil engineering that I know and love.

So now everything is back on track, I’ll see you next Thursday (or tomorrow, as we call it).

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  1. Helen

    winter is coming?

  2. Noel

    It is good to put in writing our every accomplishment in the project so “we” will not forget it. This is an inspiring blog post.


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