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The LUSAS Scripting Pack

The LUSAS Scripting Pack

The wonderful thing about software for engineering (and engineering software is a wonderful thing…) is that it is typically extensible by design. This means that, with a little time and patience, you can make it do almost everything you want.

LUSAS is no exception; and provides a comprehensive array of functions and methods that let you drive the program remotely- called the LPI (LUSAS Programmable Interface; obviously…).

The LSP (LUSAS Scripting Pack, for those with more time than acronyms) is the result of two years playing with the LPI, in an attempt to enhance the experience.

Download the LSP

As the LSP is formed of over 35 scripts, some of which are highly specific, I’ve gone and picked the five features I use most often for this introduction:

  • Match Properties – Get the first element right, and then just match the rest to it
  • Make Neighbour Visible – Quickly expand your view from a few surfaces by adding those adjacent
  • Report Groups – Generate reports by a common prefix; must have saved me about 100 clicks…
  • Copy/Paste Geometry – Lets you copy geometry¬†between models, which is fairly magic.
  • Set Colour – As a Linux user I’m used to dark themes, LUSAS should be no exception.

Remember that these scripts can make permanent changes to the model, so save a copy, read the code, understand what will happen and then run them!

Download the LSP

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