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Wearing Red For RedR

February 5, 2015

Tomorrow is a special day in the engineering charity event calendar; it’s “Wear Red for RedR” day. A day where we all, unsurprisingly, wear something red to raise awareness and money for one of our most prominent engineering…Read More

Budding Brunels

June 3, 2014 1

Budding Brunels is a schools engagement programme run by the Construction Youth Trust charity aimed at informing and inspiring young people from…Read More

So You Want to be a Relief Worker?

April 22, 2013 2

Many RedR Members started out as graduate engineers with a desire to get involved in the humanitarian sector. However, over the years it has become harder and harder to get that crucial experience. RedR is here to…Read More

What Inspires You To Be A Civil Engineer?

February 28, 2013 1

A while ago I joked about how the previous NCE Graduate of the Year award winners were all people who seemingly draw structures from the earth using their bare hands, while simultaneously bringing peace and…Read More