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The Last of the Students

The Last of the Students

I don’t read as much of the NCE (New Civil Engineer, if you don’t follow the celebrity news) as I probably should. One article did catch my eye, however: It turns out that new Civil Engineer students are down by 12.1%, significantly more than the national average. The article blames everything from lack of awareness to reduced overseas interest.

It’s hard to see how people did not see this coming. I went to university just before the higher tuition fees came to pass, and between the large number of scholarships, and the above-average starting salaries available, I will probably pay off my student loans by the time I’m 40. The same can’t be said for those who became a Civil Engineering student after me, however.

It turns out that should you have an average carer in Civil Engineering you won’t end up paying off you loan at all!

Civil Engineering isn’t the only degree that won’t guarantee you repayment; the majority of arts graduates who stick to the career won’t make it over the threshold either. However arts isn’t seeing as much of a pronounced down turn. In response, most engineers point to the lack of interest, understanding, and even respect, that the profession seemingly faces.

In later posts I’ll aim to explore some of the key reasons people are pinning this downturn on; salaries, public perception and the educational barrier. I may even attempt an article about why I became a Civil Engineer, although it’s going to be difficult to stop it sounding like a clichéd cover-letter.

Edit: Here’s why I went into Civil Engineering.

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  1. There’s been quite a bit about this in the national news recently (for example

    I think part of the problem might just be girls not imagining themselves as engineers. Wrote this blogpost story to try and help raise awareness of Structural Engineering especially amongst teenage girls. Would value your comments


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